Dr. Tova Ganzel

Ganzel picture
Dr. Tova Ganzel, is the Director of the Midrasha (Women’s Institute of Advanced Torah Study) in Bar-Ilan University, and one of Nishmat‘s first trained yo’atzot  halakha (women’s halakhic advisors). She completed her PhD in the Bible Department at Bar-Ilan University (2005).
A former Tikvah Fellow, she is the recipient of several prestigious academic awards and grants, and has authored books, articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries.
Among her publications:
* Book (author): A Visionary’s Oracles – From Destruction to Restoration, Studies in the Prophecies of Ezekiel (Tevunot-Herzog, Alon Shvut 2012).
* Book (as one of the editors): In the Eyes of God and Man: The Believer and Scientific Study of the Bible (Beit Morasha, 2015).
* “The Defilement and Desecration of the Temple in Ezekiel” Biblica 89 (2008): 369-79.      
* “The Transformation of Pentateuchal Descriptions of Idolatry” In: Transforming Visions: Transformations of Text, Tradition, and Theology in Ezekiel, edited by William A. Tooman and Michael A. Lyons, 33-49. Princeton Theological Monograph Series 127. Eugene, Or: Pickwick, 2009.
* “The Descriptions of the Restoration of Israel in Ezekiel” Vetus Testamentum 60 (2010): 197-211.
* “The Prophecies of Joel: A Bridge between Ezekiel and Haggai” Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 11 (2011): 1-22.
* “Explicit and Implicit Polemics in Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch’s Torah Commentary” HUCA 81 (2013): 171-191.
* “Ezekiel’s Temple in Babylonian Context”, Vetus Testamentum 64 (2014): 211-226 [Coauthor: Shalom E. Holtz (Yeshiva University)].
* Isaiah’s Critique of Shebna’s Trespass: A Reconsideration of Isa 22:15-25, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 39 (4) 2015, 469-487